For starters, congrats on the impending birth of your baby girl. Kiddos, whether it’s your first or sixth, are little blessings, and you no doubt feel that spark of excitement to welcome your little one into the world. With that said, your baby’s bedroom is of the utmost importance—so, here are a few DIY designs and organizational ideas for safe, baby-friendly bedroom décor.

Invest in Double-Purpose Furniture

No-pinch rocking chairs, toy boxes that double as ottomans, and pack-and-play areas are all examples of double-purpose furniture. Bookshelves are another great example because you can use them for everything. Sure, you should designate a section for actual books, but you can also stack baby essentials on a shelf, like wipes, a supply of diapers, and a little basket of creams, powders, and soaps. You should also be aware of lighting. Soft lights are best. Research high output fluorescent light fixtures for elsewhere.

Baby-Proof Before the Baby Arrives

Babies are immobile and quiet for only so long before they want to get up and do things. Before you know it, your baby girl will be shimmying, crawling, and trying to walk to whatever catches her interest. Which means you should think forward and baby proof the bedroom now. Dull sharp corners, invest in plush rugs to protect little hands and knees, and put covers on every outlet.

Think Ahead to the Toddler Years

As mentioned, your youngsters will soon be moving and grooving everywhere. So, think ahead to those toddler years, when she wants to play, explore, and do everything for herself. Keep trinkets up and away, remove the allure of sharp objects, don’t provide stepstools onto off-limits furniture, and place locks on cabinets and drawers.

Use Letters, Numbers, and Educational Elements

You don’t have to be a school teacher to know that educational elements are good for a child’s overall development. Seeing letters, numbers, and colors on a daily basis will help your child better comprehend these elements later in their childhood. Recognition is the first step to education.

Keep Trinkets to a Minimum

Trinkets, like snow globes and little, delicate keepsakes, are cute and memorable, but simply not a good idea with baby around the house. Especially in a baby’s bedroom. Keep these mementos to a minimum, or none at all, to avoid giving your cutie the temptation to climb, reach, and play with things they shouldn’t.

All babies are curious by nature because the whole world is brand-new to them. Which means lots of exploration and what would be considered adventure in their minds. You can keep your kiddo safe, while still allowing her to explore, with the aforementioned organizational and DIY design ideas for her bedroom.