When summer time rolls around there’s plenty of things for people to enjoy while the weather lasts. If you live somewhere with a ridiculously horrible winter like, say, Montreal, Canada, you know exactly how precious every single day of summer is and how intensely everybody wants to take advantage of it. This usually means lots of outdoor activities like music or art festivals, eating out on terraces with beautiful sceneries, leisurely bike strolls, and maybe enjoying a nice spliff or two atop the lovely green grass in a park. One staple of summer time that will likely never go away is a good old fashioned road trip. What could possibly be more fun than being squished in a minivan with half a dozen of your friends for hours on end? Maybe being squished in a minivan with half a dozen friends an ounce (or pound maybe?) of Grade A cannabis sativa? Driving around with a hotboxed car is never a good idea no matter where you’re from, so if cannabis is really an essential aspect to your road trips you should consider perhaps purchasing what I consider a couple of the best dry herb vaporizers you could get for a road trip.

    Why A Vaporizer?

Hotboxing a car is pretty damn noticeable and even in places where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use, that does not extend to smoking while driving. A vaporizer is much more subtle and if you keep the air conditioning on the smell shouldn’t linger long unless you continuously vape for hours on end. Even the best dry herb vaporizer manufacturers haven’t quite figured out how to pack enough power in a device to vaporizer bud efficiently and be able to do it for multiple hours. Sadly, even the best of the best only last about 60-90 minutes of constant vaping on a full battery, but here’s a couple examples to think about.

  • Storz and Bickel’s Mighty 
    • Made by the same people that brought The Volcano to the world of cannabis so many years ago, The MIghty provides a premium quality vaping session and can run for 90 minutes straight with only about an hour to recharge it.

      –      Arizer Solo 2


At just 10 minutes less of constant run time, the Solo 2 is a great option for a bit less money. Like The Mighty, it can be used even while charging.