The Best Online Reputation Management Agency Takes Over the Hospitality Industry

What people are saying about your hotel truly matters in terms of revenue dollars. Not even the best online reputation management companies can do your hotel justice if you don’t allow us to do our job completely and concisely. The modern traveller cares for what others have to say about your hotel or hostel and will thus decide whether it’s worth the extra money to book a room for their stay. From the location of your hotel (is it near tourist attractions?), the complimentary breakfast and the state of your rooms (do they need maintenance, are they crawling with bugs?), potential guests don’t want to face any bad surprises if it can be avoided. They like to know what they’re getting into. Of course, this also makes the hospitality industry much more competitive, causing luxurious hotels to even revamp their space to keep up with modern times as we say with the Queen Elizabeth hotel in downtown Montreal.

Some of the statistical numbers bring light to the importance of finding the best online reputation management companies to take the lead on your reputation. A study by the organization the Statistic Brain found that more than half, at 57%, of travel reservations were made online in 2017. Not surprisingly, 49% of those who are searching for a hotel to stay at on their next vacation will not book a room if they see no reviews present. 81% did conclude that online reviews are critical when they are in the search. That’s why more and more hoteliers care about their online image. From the way their images are portrayed—customers can now send in their own personal images from their stay—to the content and star review ratings that appear on TripAdvisor, guests care a damn about what others have to say about your hotel. At the end of the day, who wants a ruined vacation because of a moldy hotel room with no hot water at an exorbitant price when they could have stayed at the hotel down the street for a quarter of the price? These things matter a lot in 2018—that’s why the best online reputation management agency is surfing the wave as the demand for their services continue to climb new heights.

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Best Dry Herb Vaporizer For Road Trips

When summer time rolls around there’s plenty of things for people to enjoy while the weather lasts. If you live somewhere with a ridiculously horrible winter like, say, Montreal, Canada, you know exactly how precious every single day of summer is and how intensely everybody wants to take advantage of it. This usually means lots of outdoor activities like music or art festivals, eating out on terraces with beautiful sceneries, leisurely bike strolls, and maybe enjoying a nice spliff or two atop the lovely green grass in a park. One staple of summer time that will likely never go away is a good old fashioned road trip. What could possibly be more fun than being squished in a minivan with half a dozen of your friends for hours on end? Maybe being squished in a minivan with half a dozen friends an ounce (or pound maybe?) of Grade A cannabis sativa? Driving around with a hotboxed car is never a good idea no matter where you’re from, so if cannabis is really an essential aspect to your road trips you should consider perhaps purchasing what I consider a couple of the best dry herb vaporizers you could get for a road trip.

    Why A Vaporizer?

Hotboxing a car is pretty damn noticeable and even in places where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use, that does not extend to smoking while driving. A vaporizer is much more subtle and if you keep the air conditioning on the smell shouldn’t linger long unless you continuously vape for hours on end. Even the best dry herb vaporizer manufacturers haven’t quite figured out how to pack enough power in a device to vaporizer bud efficiently and be able to do it for multiple hours. Sadly, even the best of the best only last about 60-90 minutes of constant vaping on a full battery, but here’s a couple examples to think about.

  • Storz and Bickel’s Mighty

    • Made by the same people that brought The Volcano to the world of cannabis so many years ago, The MIghty provides a premium quality vaping session and can run for 90 minutes straight with only about an hour to recharge it.

      –      Arizer Solo 2

          –      At just 10 minutes less of constant run time, the Solo 2 is a great option for a bit less money. Like The Mighty, it can be used even while charging.


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Tips For Choosing An Internet Provider

Everyone these days needs to have some type of internet connection. It is necessary for work, home life and much more. When you are tasked with trying to choose an internet provider for your home, it can seem difficult to know which company to choose. You will need to figure out which companies offer the best local connections and the best plans. You will also want to find a company that only uses quality equipment such as a broadband power divider from suppliers like Below are a few extra tips for choosing the optimal internet service provider in your area.


The first thing you will need to account for when choosing an internet service provider is how much speed you are going to require for what you use the internet for. Knowing the amount of speed or bandwidth you need will help you to better choose an appropriate type of service.


Local Options

After figuring out the amount of speed or bandwidth you need for your internet connection, you will need to check out different companies in your area that offer those speeds. There are different websites that you can use for free to check what local companies offer in terms of speed and connection. The types of providers and connections available to you will greatly depend on the area you live in. People who live in the city will most likely be able to choose from phone companies, cable companies and satellite companies. If you live in a more rural area, you might be more limited in what your options are for an internet service company.

No matter what type of speed or services you require, never choose a company who doesn’t offer good customer service. Before signing up with a company, check to see what current and past customers have said about them online. You can find many reviews online and can even check the Better Business Bureau to see if the company has had many complaints filed on them. Good customer service is a key component of a good company.… Read More

Tips on Choosing a Vehicle Reparation Place that runs out of an Accident

If you recently been in an auto accident, you may be wondering how to find a good auto body repair shop to fix your car. In this article, we will be providing you tips to help you find the best collision repair Fort Worth TX has to offer.

The first thing you can do is check with your insurance company. Most of them will have a list of approved auto body shops that they have worked with. It is one way for you to narrow down your choices. You should also ask for recommendations from your mechanic, co-workers, friends, and family to see if they have can recommend an auto body shop to you.

After you have a few auto body shops in mind, go online or call to check out their reputations. Contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if any complaints have been filed against the shop. Also, check with your county’s consumer affairs office if you have one along with the state consumer protection office.

Check to see if the body shop is a member of professional organizations. Any shop that is a member of the Automotive Service Association, for example, takes a pledge to uphold the organization’s code of ethics. There are other auto body shops that are members of America’s Collision Repair Association. Also, check to see if the shop’s technicians are certified by the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence).

Vist the shop in person, to make sure it is working on nicer, newer cars and that it has a professional appearance. Find out if the shop works on the model and make of your vehicle on a regular basis, and uses equipment that your manufacturer recommends.

Some insurance companies attempt to pressure their clients into accepting generic parts. However, most auto body experts say that these parts are usually lighter weight compared to the originals. Also, don’t accept any junkyard parts on a fairly new car. If your car is old, it might not be a problem.

Study your car carefully after you pick it up. Make sure everything works and check out the paint job in bright sunlight to ensure the color matches.

Be a Savvy Customer:

Carefully select the collision repair shop that will be working on your car, according to the tips above.

Don’t ever get pressured into accepting junkyard parts or generic parts.

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Getting Started With Your New Boat

Boating is a fun way to cool off during the summer, and spend some lazy time just enjoy the motion of the water. Buying that first boat is exciting, but it comes with plenty of responsibility. As you prepare to take your new craft out on its maiden voyage, there are some details you should attend to that will be important in making every trip a success.

Spare Parts

While it is not necessary to carry an entire parts store on your boat, it is a good idea to keep essential boat parts on hand in case something were to happen. By talking to a certified boat mechanic, you can find out which parts are best to have with you to prevent being stuck out in the open water. You should also consider taking a few classes on boat repair and maintenance to make things easier.

Life Vests

It is a legal obligation to have one life vest for every person aboard your boat. It is important to remember that children require special vests designed to fit them properly and you should have children sized vests on hand at all times. If your guests prefer to bring their own life vests, then it is important to check those vests to make sure they are certified to be used on the water and are not toys made for show.

Safety Equipment

You never know what can happen when you are out on a boat, which is why it is important to have safety gear such as flares and markers. Unlike driving a car where you can hope someone passes you by if you break down, you are not going to normally see a lot of traffic out on the water. With the right safety equipment, you can bring attention to yourself and get help quickly.

Communications Equipment

At the very least, you should always have a satellite phone with you on your boat in case you need to call for help. It can be difficult to get reception for a cell phone in the open water, and that is why you should make sure to have the right kind of communication equipment for an emergency.

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