Keep Your Teen Safe When Driving

As a parent, you worry when your child first gets their driver’s license. They lack experience and even the smartest teen can make poor decisions. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can protect your child as they begin this new phase of life.

The Benefit of a Good Education

As with so many things in life, the more education a person can get, the better. This is true for driving as well. Make sure that your teen takes a driver’s education course provided by a certified instructor. Ask specific questions about what they are learning and how many hours are spent on the road. In the mean time, take your child out to practice as often as possible.

Always Pay Attention

The transportation engineering baltimore and other cities use to design the roads will keep your child safe, but they still need to pay attention when driving. Talk to your teen about placing their phone in the back seat where it is out of reach and they won’t be tempted to look at it. Discuss exactly how many friends they can have in the car too.

Be Prepared for Any Situation

Your teen needs a good plan of action in case something were to go wrong. They need to know important information such as where the registration and insurance card is as well as how to contact your auto club for help. Make it very clear to them who they should call first if they find themselves in trouble.

By making sure that your child gets the education they need, understand the importance of paying attention, and knows what to do if a problem should arise, you are protecting your teen when you can’t be in the car with them. Teens are at a greater risk out on the road simply because of their lack of experience, but by doing your part as a parent, they will have a successful and wonderful experience as a young driver.… Read More

5 Mistakes in Buying a Used Car that Cause Losses. You Need to Know!

Many things must be checked and considered when buying a used car. Not only the outside and inside, you know, the state of the market must not be missed. In order not to lose in the future, avoid making mistakes buying the following used cars:

Not Checking Ad Details

Whatever the brand and type of used car that is your target, choose the vehicle you want carefully. First check the specifications of the car from the information attached to the seller, both from online and offline advertisements. Production years, kilometers, transmissions, and prices need to be known.
If your heart is attached to one of the cars, don’t forget to dig deeper into the seller. Generally in used car advertisements the name and number of the seller will be listed. Ask the history of the car in detail until you are absolutely sure.
One of the tricks of the seller is to install a low price specifically for credit to attract the attention of buyers. Before you come to see the car, make sure the price installed is valid for cash or credit.

Choose Without Comparing

Sometimes there are buyers who are lazy to compare one car to another. Though this can help to choose the best used car. Don’t let you make the mistake of buying a used car this one Friend OtoSpector!
You certainly don’t want to regret it when you bought a car, but there are similar vehicles that are better in condition and price? So, sort out some of the ideal car choices and record the specifications. After that, compare which car is superior and fits your criteria.
Don’t forget too, use several online portals when comparing your chosen car. Not all sellers install their cars in all car sales portals. Therefore, if you compare across all portals, chances are you get a car with the best price and conditions.

Not Examined When Test Drive

Test drives are standard procedures that need to be done when buying a car, especially if the condition is used. Unfortunately not everyone can identify the signs of damage that occurs when the test drive is carried out.
As long as it can be driven comfortably, people immediately conclude that the car has no problem. Before doing a test drive, it would be better if you equip yourself with some basic knowledge about the condition of the car or even better ask your friends who understand about the car.

Escape Checking Service Records

The time comes when you meet the used car seller. Generally, a buyer will check by asking questions and test drives to find out the condition of the car. Unfortunately there are still many who forget to check the service record (service record) of the car.
The mistake of buying a used car is often considered trivial but can affect a lot in the future. Through the record, you can find out whether the owner takes good care of his car or not. If the car is serviced Read More

Honda Grazia Road Test Review

Honda Motors launched the Honda Grazia with some new features and modern design. The design is almost the same as the Honda Dio but in an upgraded version. The Honda Grazia comes in three variants, namely; STD, Alloy, and DLX.

  • Design and Features

The Honda Grazia is not an all-new product because it shares its underpinnings some parts with the Honda Activa 125. One of the major differences is that it has been replaced by plastic that makes it easy to maintain. One of the features that can attract your attention about the Honda Grazia is the large all-LED headlamp.

There are two fully digital displays for the instrumentation. The backlight is soft red and blue. There is an economy mode indicator as well. Another additional feature of Honda Grazia is the seat open/lock switch beside the ignition keyhole. It also comes with a small storage compartment at the socket for a USB charger. There is a hook below its seat which can be used to hang a shopping bag or your odd gear.

  • Performance and Efficiency

The Honda Grazia engine is 124.9cc, single –cylinder air cooled. It produces 8.6PS at 6,500rpm and 10.54Nm at 5,000rpm. It is also Honda Eco Technology [HET] compliance. The kerb weight is 107kg with a speed of 60km to 90kmph at the maximum.

Ride at a steady speed between 30 -55kmph for three seconds and the three LEDs on the eco mode indicator light up in unison, this indicates that you are extracting the best fuel efficiency out of the scooter. The mileage is 46.7kmpl in the city while on the highway, it is 48.4kmpl.

  • Ride and handling

The Honda Grazia rides on 90/90 tyres at the front and 90/100 at the rear. It tips into turns easily. The Grazia tips turn s quickly but, with any other scooter in its segment, it blows you away with its handling. The scooter’s telescopic front forks and the rear monoshock are set up on the stiffer side. And because of this, the rider and the pillion can feel some shocks to their lower backs while tackling potholes and sharp bumps. When it comes to comfort, the seat cushion is soft. There is ample space for both the rider and the pillion. The footrest for the pillion is placed appropriately to offer a relaxed seating position, without having to hinder the rider’s legs in heavy traffics. The brakes are also good.


The standard variant is priced at Rs 57,897, while the Alloy variant at Rs 59,827, and the Deluxe is Rs 62,269. These prices are fair for a 125cc scooter plus the fabulous features that they have. The market for Honda Grazia is still in its early stage but it seems to have the highest potential for growth. This is because the 100-110cc segment is already saturated.

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