What people are saying about your hotel truly matters in terms of revenue dollars. Not even the best online reputation management companies can do your hotel justice if you don’t allow us to do our job completely and concisely. The modern traveller cares for what others have to say about your hotel or hostel and will thus decide whether it’s worth the extra money to book a room for their stay. From the location of your hotel (is it near tourist attractions?), the complimentary breakfast and the state of your rooms (do they need maintenance, are they crawling with bugs?), potential guests don’t want to face any bad surprises if it can be avoided. They like to know what they’re getting into. Of course, this also makes the hospitality industry much more competitive, causing luxurious hotels to even revamp their space to keep up with modern times as we say with the Queen Elizabeth hotel in downtown Montreal.

Some of the statistical numbers bring light to the importance of finding the best online reputation management companies to take the lead on your reputation. A study by the organization the Statistic Brain found that more than half, at , of travel reservations were made online in 2017. Not surprisingly,  of those who are searching for a hotel to stay at on their next vacation will not book a room if they see no reviews present.  did conclude that online reviews are critical when they are in the search. That’s why more and more hoteliers care about their online image. From the way their images are portrayed—customers can now send in their own personal images from their stay—to the content and star review ratings that appear on TripAdvisor, guests care a damn about what others have to say about your hotel. At the end of the day, who wants a ruined vacation because of a moldy hotel room with no hot water at an exorbitant price when they could have stayed at the hotel down the street for a quarter of the price? These things matter a lot in 2018—that’s why the best online reputation management agency is surfing the wave as the demand for their services continue to climb new heights.