Accessories are mandatory items for car enthusiasts, to enhance their appearance and look different from other cars. Usually, each car brand issues a variety of official accessories that have a number of advantages. As is longer and according to factory standards, both the size or method of installation of these accessories, so it does not interfere with safety and comfort when driving.

In addition, in choosing accessories must also be adjusted to the specifications of the car. This should not be underestimated, because it imposes the use of accessories that are not according to specifications, resulting in the car will become heavier because of the additional burden of these accessories that can threaten safety.

However, the use of accessories outside the official manufacturer of the car can be done, as long as observant and understand the function and quality and compatibility of the accessories with your car.

Talk about accessories can not be separated from the price issue, ranging from affordable prices to expensive according to taste and personal satisfaction. Car accessories are a complement to the appearance of the vehicle that does not have to be forced. So if you want to make modifications you need to consider the condition of the budget they have. If you have the desire to modify the car more extreme with a lot of accessories, it is definitely greater costs.

In Banda Aceh, there are already many shops selling accessories offered for the needs of all types of cars. Salahsatunya Cemerlang accessories shop, which is located on the street Dr. Mohd. Hasan, Batoh.

It’s better to add quality accessories that match the car, rather than modifying cars with lots of accessories. This also depends on the financial capacity of the car owner He also gave some tips on choosing car accessories to be quality, budget-saving, comfortable and safe for motorists.

  • Accessories should be prioritized for the parts of the car that need it most and adjust to the budget.
  • Accessories should be according to car specifications.
  • Accessories should follow the latest modification trends with information from various references.
  • Car accessories must support safety and safety in driving, not forced.

Many people force to add a lot of accessories that actually interfere with driving while reducing comfort and even safety. Then choose accessories with good consideration,