It is not important whether it was an economy car, a family car (yes, that is what they called them!) or a sports car. All of us have childhood memories of an old car belonging to an uncle or a grandfather and sitting behind the steering wheel for the first time.

In recent years, environmental policies have encouraged us to replace old cars with new less polluting ones, even well-preserved vehicles have been “sacrificed”. With their “retirement” a piece of history went to the archives, together with the socio-cultural value of cult cars that marked an entire era. A precious sentimental value remains, a memory that we carefully treasure.

Vintage car recovery and restoration workshops offer their services to enthusiasts and nostalgics alike. At these workshops, specialised mechanics are able to bring genuine pieces of history on four wheels back to their former splendour.

From retrieval to the assembly and the testing of original spare parts (or compatible ones) and restyling the look, the same procedures are used that were carried out by workshops of bygone eras. But, of course, the tools used have changed. Today, mechanics and bodywork shops use machines that can guarantee amazing results in terms of restoration and tuning with little effort and in a very short time, even for particularly complex work such as:

  • conservative restoration
  • mechanical restoration of the engine and ignition systems
  • shot blasting/sandblasting of bodywork and metal parts
  • special paints
  • recovery and testing of rare spare parts

In recent years, the business of restoring vintage cars has met an increasingly pressing need and has grown considerably, also due to the gradual decrease in “traditional” workshops, which among other things were not always able – due to the skills and tools available – to work on old generation engines entirely without electronic components.

These cars, even those that are little used on roads, require more frequent and specific maintenance compared to vehicles that have recently left the factory. More and more workshops have equipped themselves, or are doing so, with sandblasting and shot blasting systems, which can be used with sand and compressed air to give new life to bodywork, axles and brake and clutch discs. Some specialised companies, such as Turbotecnica Engineering, an Italian company that has been an international benchmark for the sector for more than 30 years, design and manufacture standard and customised shot blast machines, even second hand ones, for this type of work.

Of course, repairing a vintage car – from minor alterations to finishes or the total recovery of the car – is not within everyone’s grasp. Not only the right tools but also care, experience and expertise are required. Not to mention passion. A huge amount of passion! Unique “handcrafted” pieces are made, for which spare parts are not always available, using technical solutions that normal workshops no longer use.