We are honored to live in an era where even old markets like pizza deliveries and taxis are being automated to the tech offered by our smartphones. And this time, the spotlight is on the automotive repair industry. Joshua Lombardo-Bottems from Ontario believes something delicious is cooking for the auto repair market.

The Ontario-based entrepreneur is the founder of GoWrench Auto, a new company promises to lead  us to revolution.  Having suffered a breakdown once and gone through a hard time getting help with his car, Mr. Lombardo-Bottema noticed the existing gap between what customers want and what mechanics offer, and took the bold step to fill it.

His innovation intends to address issues faced by dissatisfied consumers who have been let down by the auto repair industry due to lack of convenience and questionable transparency among mechanics who fix vehicles behind doors.

With GoWrench, which is an easy-to-use web-based app, consumers can easily call for a local mechanic to come over and have the repair done in their office or home. The technician has to arrive at the stipulated time and make the fixes in the presence of the customer. This app ensures convenience as the consumer talks directly to the mechanic— no middlemen involved.

The idea that the auto repair sector needs restructuring is now becoming more pronounced within the industry itself. An excellent example of a firm looking to revolutionize the industry is Tesla, a company that stands out in terms of service delivery, including maintenance. If you own a Tesla car, you’ll get picked up from your home or office to a service shop as fast as possible Another brand that offers similar services is Hyundai’s Genesis where the local technician picks up your vehicle, leaves you a replacement car and returns it to you when maintenance is complete.

Unlike other automotive merchant account holders, GoWrench offers more than basic repairs like oil & filter changes. You can have them conduct brake repairs and other advanced diagnostics in your car.

And like other players in the industry, GoWrench’s mechanics use a flat rate payment system. Offering services on a flat rate is one of the problems consumers have with the old auto repair sector’s transparency.  A customer feels ripped off when they are asked to pay an hourly rate for a job that can be completed in half an hour.

To Mr. Lombardo-Bottema, because most consumers know how flat rates work, they expect something different from the traditional payment system which most service providers are not willing to provide.


The GoWrench boss assures customers of top-quality services insisting that all their staff are vetted before being allowed to join the team. Hopefully, GoWrench will provide better and quicker solutions to the motorist in distress.

Author bio: As an account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions of automotive merchant account holders by using alternative merchant funding solutions. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has become a true asset for First American Merchant