In my opinion, the most quality tuner for Harley on a market is definitely a Dynojet Power Vision. The Power Vision is a fuel controller that’s gonna make your bike run smoother with a minimum of muss and fuss on your part. This thing is designed for either J1850 or CANBus Harley’s.

It means, basically, if you have a fuel-injected Harley with the exception of kind of those freak Magneti Marelli injected models that were used in the very early part of fuel injection, you should have something that’s going to fit from Dynojet.

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Installation is not real difficult. It’s really just a one plug install. You might bump up on difficulty as far as the tuning process. It’s not difficult, it’s just one of those things that can take a little bit of time.



What about the size, there’s not really much here and that’s kind of the benefit of it. As i said earlier, it’s just one simple cable to install. You’re gonna plug this into your data port and you’re pretty much ready to rock and roll right of the box.


Standalone unit

Now the first thing that i think is super cool about the Power Vision is a standalone unit. You can use a computer to help you tune, there is software included in the box to get you rolling, but you don’t need to use any of it. I really like that, because it means that i don`t have drag my desktop down in my garage. For those of you who don’t have a laptop, that can be kind of pain, so that’s sort of a first selling point on this thing, that you don’t need to have a computer right there.


AMPS mounting system

The other thing that is really cool about is that it doesn’t need to stay on your bike. It can, but doesn’t have to. If you do like to keep this thing on your bike, one of the nifty parts is the AMPS mounting system on the back.



I think this is a great product. A lot of you guys are gonna get a lot of use out of this, from the super super basic, just getting into it user all the way up to the guy who’s maybe got some major motor work done and really means to extract the most horsepower he can out if his new package.

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Author: Liam Brooks,