Not all the people are able to use credit card to rent a car. So what about them if they want to rent car? Because, most of the car rental companies ask you to use a credit card while renting their car. Not a problem! Even you can rent car using a debit card and cash payment. But restriction may be come across. Let’s see what happens if one is not using credit card to rent vehicle.

Cash Deposit

Car rental companies allow you to take their car depending on the debit card. But they ask for a cash deposit. And the deposited amount varies from one company to another. Sometimes it can be a big amount and you would not like that. This amount is an extra burden to your balance because they already charged the renting amount. Anyway, Car Rental Express is a company in US does not believe in cash deposit. They let you take their car for just paying the rent. There might be some other company to have the same policy. But the numbers of such car rentals are nominal.

Credit Check

There are some companies do not ask for a cash deposit if you have good credit cheek score. In this case, a credit check is required when renting a car. Car renting companies use this policy to check your liability and the risk factor if you met any bad incident or accident. Those who have a low credit check score often asked to deposit cash before renting car. Car rental express holds completely different aspect on this also. They allow you to go through no credit check car rental.

Don’t think too much before renting car as long as there are such companies.

Independent Agencies

Independent agencies have deferent criteria to determine who can rent a car. These type of agencies do not have their branches in many cities. This type of companies often let you rent car using debit card. But they may not allow someone to rent car if the person is under age.

Major Car Rental Companies

At select locations, major car rental companies have their branch and allow you to rent car using debit card. They have not the same criteria. Some of them run a credit check and may ask for the cash deposit. The deposited amount will be returned after dropping off the car.


Beside all the criteria mentioned above, there might some other restrictions for the customers. Such as, you can be asked to submit a updated bank statement, utility bills or they can check if the address is matching with the provided driving license. In case you are taking the car out of state, you can be asked for a Car Insurance.

Different car rental companies have the own different criteria. Know everything before you dealing with one. You wish it will not burn your pocket in your vacation. Rent car wisely comparing and combining the payable amount and provided service.